Acierno should be voted ‘ENDODONTIST OF THE YEAR IN SAN DIEGO!’ I was recommended by my friend who works in a general dentistry office and I understand why she gave him such accolades.
Pamela R., San Diego, CA
Acierno deserves a shout out. He repaired an old root canal that became infected and saved me from losing the tooth. As may be obvious from my rating, he is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and managed the procedure expertly. Staff is also highly competent. i will recommend Acierno to anyone in need of an endodontist.
Tony C., San Diego, CA
I’ve had a number of root canals, and he was the best endodontist I’ve been to. Also very nice and funny. He made root canal almost pleasant.
Jorge D., San Diego, CA
Visited for my third root canal, very good dental care ..Thank you!
I now am pain free and can get on with life!
D L., San Diego, CA

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